The caution signs indicating your door locks should be replaced or repaired right away

Most people do not consider changing their locks, whether they have recently purchased their first house or have lived there for decades. Door locks that are up to date and work properly are a necessity in these times. If your locks are damaged, difficult to use, or you've recently moved into a new residence, you should consider having them replaced. If you are living in the Emirates, just type locksmith dubai 24 hours and ta-da, there are so many options you can choose from to get your concern addressed. Whether looking for a cheap car unlock service or want some spare keys for your home, you are a click away to get the best services. We've penned down here some common reasons why a property's locks need to be updated or replaced. Give it a read

Rusty and old

It may be the time to change your locks if they are old. With good care and maintenance, a typical lock can last for some years, but as wear and tear accumulate, the lock's efficiency will eventually deteriorate. Even though your locks are in good condition, it's always a good idea to upgrade them to keep your home safe from probable burglars and to reduce the danger of them breaking and leaving you stranded!

You misplaced or lost your key

If you lose your key and it isn't tied to something that determines you as the owner, it will most likely be found and tossed away. Even still, getting your lock rekeyed is a wise idea in this instance, just in case. If your key has been stolen, you should have your door rekeyed as quickly as possible to avoid a break-in.


Locksmiths advise that you keep a sharp eye on the state of your locks and pay close attention to any signs of burglary. Unusual scratches or marking around the keyhole, as well as the lifting of the lock capsule, may indicate that a lock update is required

You've Just Moved in

Consider replacing your locks whenever you move to a new property. it can be good to pick your gear and upgrade to something more sophisticated and dependable in your new home.

You're concerned that someone else has your key

Trust your gut feelings. It's a good idea to rekey your lock if you've provided your key to a domestic worker, repair technician, nanny, or other service provider and no longer use their services


When the mechanical gear in a door lock ceases to function, you'll usually have trouble locking and unlocking the door. Wear and tear, as well as misalignment, can cause faulty systems, therefore in most cases, a replacement lock will be required.

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